Rhys Day

Director, Producer & Writer

Originally from Cairns, North Queensland, Rhys Day received an Honours degree in Film and Television from the Queensland College
of Art, Brisbane.


He has gone on to direct numerous music videos and advertising content, all of which tell stories through the unique lens of his rural Australian upbringing. 


Tyson Perkins

DOP & Producer

Based in Sydney, Australia, Tyson Perkins is an award-winning Aboriginal producer and cinematographer.

Over the course of more than a decade,  Tyson has garnered a wealth of experience on a diverse range of projects and has become known for his particular style, visual flair, work ethic and creativity.


Roy De Giorgio

Executive Producer

Roy is the Founder and Executive Producer of award winning production collective 13CO.

He has over 25 years experience as working on award winning commercials and long form television.

He has also travelling through more than 20 countries as Director/ Producer for National Geographic Channel. Roy is an active advocate for a green future.

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Music Supervisor & Sound Design:
Music Composer & Performer:

Rhys Day
Tyson Perkins & Rhys Day
Roy De Giorgio
Tyson Perkins & Drew English
Sam Brumby
Brooke Harnett
Jayne Swinbourne
Billy Wright, Rory Brookes, Jarred Fitzgerald
Rhys Day
Matt Fezz
Oliver Dibley
Emma Greenhill